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Who Are We

Welcome to Arctic Film Festival, the northernmost celebration of world-affecting independent cinema!

Arctic Film Festival is organised by HF Productions, an international production company run by a collective of independent filmmakers, producers and marketing professionals. Passionate about social impact and the potential of filmmaking to change the world (yes, you can still find idealists around!), we've made it our mission to create a collection of film festivals that support independent filmmakers in a very competitive and often unfair industry.


We believe there is disenchantment with the anonymity and exclusivity of the festival circuit. We aim to provide a support system for emerging talents and independent filmmakers, regardless of their budget. In addition to the screenings, we also organize filmmaker roundtables and workshops around the world. We collaborate with international teams of experienced judges in order to curate diverse and high-quality programming.

More than just a Film Festival

Arctic Film Festival is more than just a screening event it is a sustained effort to educate individuals and boost public awareness about the implications that global warming brings to our lives and environment.


As the world heats up, Greenland melts and the Midwest floods, many new filmmakers are devoting more resources to climate change as they cover the topic with more urgency.


By targeting filmmakers that share our beliefs and values, participants who wish to be educated about global warming and partner alliances who wish to join the cause, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness of global warming, but also provide an opportunity to reflect on the future of our planet as well as our role within it;

  • Through a diverse cinematic experience for audiences and filmmakers, increase the audience reach and engagement of selected independent filmmakers who challenge and reflect on global scale problems;

  • Provide a unique opportunity to screen artists' work in Svalbard, Norway, the world's northernmost inhabited areas and where the negative implications are most notorious.


Our goal is to promote and spread a culture of sustainability. The film festival takeS place in April, and spans for 2 days for nearly the same number of goals we aim to promote. Climate action is a prioritized item with overall narrative support for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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