Our screening venue, Kulturhuset, is not only the world's northernmost cinema, but also one of the coziest venues we're privileged to work with! But Arctic Film Festival is more than just one evening of memorable screenings – it is also a festival celebrating the potential of human endeavour in times of global upheaval. Which is why we consider the natural landscape of Svalbard to be part of our 'venue'. 

It's dark for four months of the year and light for another four months, but we’ll be welcoming adventurous filmmakers from all around the world to Kulturhuset in Longyearbyen on September 14th 2019 while the sun still rises above the horizon. We’re preparing a programme that includes both outdoor activities in the daylight, and quality international screenings in the evening.

This is a unique opportunity to screen your work in one of the most outstanding venues and locations in the world! As research is showing, "climate change has greater effect the farther north you come". Unfortunately, Svalbard has front-row seats to one of the greatest crises of our times. We feel humbled and privileged for the opportunity to debate the potential of filmmaking to challenge climate inaction and promote awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn more about this extraordinary tiny metropolis (a population of 2,100 from almost 50 different countries) here.

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