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Nominated for SDG Films - Goal 13: Climate Action


Year: 2019

Country: Norway

Duration: 28'

Language: English, Norwegian

Director: Julie Lunde Lillesæter

Producers: Julia Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter

The Resilient.jpg

The Resilient follows the drought-stricken Norwegian farmer Einar as he is searching for a way to continue the family legacy of dairy farming. After the most difficult season of his life, he travels to Malawi in East Africa to learn from farmers who have been living with the impacts of climate change for more than a decade.

Julie Lunde Lillesæter.jpg

Julie Lunde Lillesæter has worked with documentary film as a director, impact producer and cinematographer over the last seven years. She is also a still photographer. Her work focuses on environment, sustainability, and social justice. Julie has won several awards for her work, including for best cinematography.

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