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Tales of the Outback.jpg

Tales of the Outback

Dir. Lauri Ketonen & Konsta Verta

13' • Finland • 2021

Three mystical characters gather in misty mountain cabin, where they start to tell stories to each other. Folktales takes viewers to Finnish landscapes where mysterious and strange incidents have occurred over time. After three stories the mist has passed and three characters leave the cabin.

Primal Therapy.jpg

Primal Therapy

Dir. Santtu Salminen

19' • Finland • 2021

A middle-aged man on the verge of a burnout seeks new energy through a very special form of self help therapy.

Mothers’ wrath.jpg

Mothers’ wrath

Dir. Tuuli Sirkeinen

17' • Finland • 2021

Tiina hides her anger to be an exemplary mother to her child Amanda. The atmosphere of their mother-daughter family vacation is getting tense, as pre-teenaged Amanda is growing out of the cramped caravan and childish games. In addition to her feelings, Tiina also has to suppress unexplainable fires in the campsite. 



Dir. Zaide Kutay & Géraldine Cammisar

7' • Switzerland • 2020

A withdrawn truck driver collides with his parallelism and the world goes off the rails.

Fading Snow.jpg

Fading Snow

Dir. Ania Morawiec

28' • Poland • 2020

When a heart breaks the gap spreads along the weakest parts of the enclosing world. ‘Fading Snow’ presents one night from the life of 35-year-old Mania who leaves her safe place - the theatre - and sets off to find her way back home in a broken city of Warsaw, in a harsh reality of today’s Poland. The curtain comes down. Both individual and universal truth has to be faced. There is only what you can see. 

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