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A Guide to the Apocalypse.jpg

A Guide to the Apocalypse

Dir. Adrian Graf

5' • Switzerland • 2018

In 2018, scientists set the "Doomsday Clock" to two minutes to midnight. This symbolic clock represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe for humanity. Parameters such as nuclear armament, environmental factors and political uncertainty are taken into account. "A Guide to the Apocalypse" takes on five possible world-ending scenarios and tongue-in-cheek survival strategies.


The Burning Bush.jpg

The Burning Bush
(הסנה הבוער)

Dir. Noam Greif

12' • Israel • 2019

A poetic story of letting go. Danny mourns the lost love to her ex-girlfriend, symbolized by a small plant. Danny's mother wants her daughter to bury the memories, but when the dust settles something more powerful remains, which will not die.


Backwards (אחורה)

Dir. Dana Gelman

16' • Israel • 2018

At the outskirts of the Tel Aviv “bubble”, in the neighborhood known as Florentine, a play is enacted nightly, with hundreds of work-seeking migrants and asylum seekers waiting to enter the offices of the Department of Immigration, their gateway to a better life. As the lights of the city go out, the line outside the Immigration Office begins to grow. Everyone wants to be among the first in line when the doors to the office open at 8:00am. By midnight, hundreds of people have lined up, most of them Ukrainian. While one sleeps on the sidewalk, another tries anxiously to organize a list of names. Most of them won’t get in anyway, and even the few that do will go through a procedure that doesn’t provide much chance of success. Backwards encapsulates the refugee crisis into a single night: exhausted multitudes of people patiently persisting in their effort to begin a new life—as the rest of the world sleeps.

Gods from Space.jpg

Gods from Space

Dir. Annalise Pasztor

5' • United States • 2017

In 1955, taxi driver and earthling Dr. George King claimed he was contacted by extraterrestrials with an urgent message: Earth is on the brink of nuclear and spiritual catastrophe. Thus was born The Aetherius Society, a religion with over 35 centers worldwide that look to cosmic teachings for a kinder, more peaceful universe. This documentary enters the surreal world of the North American headquarters, where prayer can be stored in a battery, Jesus was an alien, and an unusual but kind-hearted community works towards the betterment of humanity.

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