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A Thousand Sails (木已成舟)

Dir. Tsang Hing Weng Eric

15' • Hong Kong • 2019

In a traditional fishing village, most youngsters left to work in the city, leaving the older generation behind. Ren, a widow who lives in the village helps her neighbour, Mrs. Wah, to deliver a gift to her son, Chung in the city. Ren finds out Chung is having a harsh life. She promises Chung not to tell Mrs. Wah about his situation. Back to the island, there is no one with whom Ren can share this secret. The only one she can seek help from in this sleepless night is her deceased husband.




Dir. Svend Colding

19' • Denmark • 2019

Joachim has come to take care of his self-destructive and suicidal father Ulrich, who lives on the countryside. They have not spoken nor seen each other for several years. It’s a story about family and betrayal. They will both have to let go of their failure, shame and guilt to move on, even though the outcome might be hard.

Beyond the river.jpg

Beyond the river
(Oltre il fiume)

Dir. Luca Zambolin

15' • Italy • 2019

In occupied Italy during the 1940s, Antonia, her mother and a dozen peasant women live on a farm. There are no animals as they have all been seized by the Germans. One day, Antonia wanders to the river that divides the countryside from the city and finds a horse that has escaped from the war. Deciding to keep it, she puts everyone’s life in peril.




Dir. Alistair Cheyne

20' • Norway • 2018

"Telephone" is a journey into the world of sound. The sense of meaning sounds can imbue and the memory of sound in the face of silence. Set around Barentsburg, Svalbard. The film follows Viktor, a miner with a tender soul, on the verge of losing his hearing. Lost among the unforgiving white of the arctic his reality melts into only one urge - connection. He must try to contact his son, his only lifeline. But what can be said down the line of silence awaiting him?



Dir. Shady Srour

16' • Israel • 2019

Ziad, a Palestinian day laborer, is denied entry into Israel for work that day. Not wanting to return home empty handed after promising his daughter meat for dinner, he needs to get creative. A poetic and tragic reflection on the everyday struggle of Palestinian breadwinners. 




Dir. Emma Swinton

16' • United Kingdom • 2019

Kelly (early 40's) is a pregnant geologist who works for a fracking firm. After discovering the flayed corpse of her close friend and colleague, she reports it to the police, only to be told several days later that they have no record of the murder. Kelly feels trapped in a community she thinks are against her. Desperate to expose the conspiracy and find out what what happened to her friend, Kelly turns to the only person she thinks can help, her estranged brother, Geoff. Geoff is an active member of the anti-fracking movement, and his loathing of Julia's life-choices and belief in local superstitions make their relationship difficult. Tensions rise as Kelly becomes torn between logic and her brother’s fairy-stories, she must face a truth, decide which side is she on, or else she could be next

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