Our festival provides not only a diverse cinematic experience for audiences and filmmakers alike, but also an opportunity to reflect on the future of our planet as well as our role within it.


Our main goal with Arctic Film Festival is to increase the audience reach and engagement of select independent filmmakers who challenge and reflect on global scale problems. 


In addition to live screenings, we offer:

❄ A guided tour exploring the magnificent natural surroundings of Svalbard

❄ Networking events

❄ Filmmaker roundtable

❄ A worldwide network of filmmakers and collaborators


Film Categories

We accept films of all genres and lengths, released in or after 2015, but we prioritise works that push the boundaries of human endeavour. We’re excited to review and showcase adventure films, social impact documentaries, and films with a focus on human rights.

We will be nominating and awarding films in the following categories:

  • Best Feature

  • Best Short

  • Best Feature Documentary

  • Best Short Documentary

  • SDG Films - Goal 13: Climate Action

  • SDG Films - Goal 14: Life Below Water

  • SDG Films - Goal 15: Life on Land

  • Best Student Production

  • Best Animated Short

  • Best Screenplay

  • Best Adventure Film

  • Best Production from Norway


Feature Award

As a highlight to our commitment to climate action, for our inaugural edition, we selected a winner for our featured SDG Award: ZAN (by Rick Grehan). Zan is a documentary about the last of the Okinawan Dugong and the people who strive to protect them, located in the outstandingly beautiful and bio-diverse Henoko and Oura bay. The Dugong is facing its last stand and its feeding grounds are threatened by the construction of new US base. This film follows imageMILL’s Yu Kisami as he brings us on a journey of discovery, aided by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan. We meet the people who are working tirelessly to protect this beautiful part of the world, a natural heritage for Japan. Watch the trailer for this outstanding documentary here.

The Arctic Film Festival recognizes outstanding achievements and innovative film efforts to promote climate action on the sustainable development goals. It is an opportunity to recognize filmmakers who are not only taking action but providing an inspiring example for other film industry leaders to follow. 


For our 2020 edition, we will be splitting the SDG award into 3 categories that best tackle Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 14: Life Below Water, and Goal 15: Life on Land, respectively. These award will go to the teams that, through film, capture powerful human stories to help communicate the importance of climate change and the SDGs to people’s lives. Each submission will be evaluated against the degree to which actions were deemed to be transformative, inclusive and impactful. Please join us in celebrating the award nominees in the 3 SDG categories here.

The SDGs and Targets that will be considered for selecting next year’s winners will be: