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Beyond Borders.jpg

Beyond Borders

Dir. Environmental Justice Foundation

25' • United Kingdom • 2020

Across the planet, lives are changing as climate collapse alters the world around us. The worst impacts are being felt disproportionately by poor people who already live under precarious conditions and are now forced to adapt or relocate to survive. As a result, one person every 1.3 seconds leaves their home and their community due to climate-related impacts. Bitterly, their stories rarely reach the global community. But hearing them is crucial for us all. Only by grasping the scope of the climate breakdown and understanding the personal implications of this collective tragedy, can we propose solutions that are both effective and just. "Beyond Borders" profiles the people behind the statistics by providing the space for the stories of global heating witnesses from the Arctic to Bangladesh. It also features politicians and academics who help understand the complex link between the climate breakdown, international migration and violent conflict.


The Last Ice.jpg

The Last Ice

Dir. Scott Ressler

83' • United States • 2019

For centuries, Inuit in the Arctic have lived on and around the frozen ocean. Now, as the sea ice between Canada and Greenland melts, the outside world sees unprecedented opportunity. Oil and gas deposits, faster shipping routes, tourism, and fishing all provide financial incentive to exploit the newly opened waters. But for more than 100,000 Inuit, an entire way of life is at stake. Development here threatens to upset the balance between their communities, land, and wildlife. Inuit in Canada and Greenland are once again coming together, fighting to protect what will remain of their world. The question is, will the world listen?

To Keep As One.png

To Keep As One

Dir. Katrina Basile

12' • United States • 2019

Climate change has pushed erosion within feet of the remote Alaska Native community of Newtok. Albertina Charles and the rest of the village residents know that relocating Newtok is the only option. Will Federal funding arrive soon enough or will this community be separated forever?


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