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Becoming Visible

Dir. Janet Solomon

33' • South Africa • 2018

Becoming Visible is a short multiscreen environmental documentary that explores the pressing issue of offshore oil and gas development off the South African coastline and it’s consequence to our marine life. It advances the theme of nature as political asset and questions the scripts of consumptive economics embedded in South Africa’s governmental approaches to environmental policy. The film focuses on a seismic survey off the East Coast of RSA, which was extended into the whale migration season in July 2016. There were a number of unusual deepwater-mammal strandings during and after this survey. Becoming Visible investigates the risks posed by unilateral and indiscriminate traumatizing noise exposure from marine seismic surveys to many marine species, and the vulnerability of fishery-based livelihoods to these impacts.


Bringing Home the Blubber.jpg

Bringing Home the Blubber

Dir. Molly Adams

20' • United Kingdom • 2019

With the mountains and ice floes of Greenland as backdrop, Ujuunnguaq Heinrich arguably has the most beautiful workplace on earth. “I wouldn’t trade this for the world!” he says smiling at the camera, before returning his gaze towards the horizon. Hunting seals is all he has ever known, but things could have turned out very differently for Ujuunnguaq, as we learn in this intimate documentary. As trust is gained, his story unfolds - one of unbearable loss and personal struggle. Once a broken man, we discover how he managed to find strength in being vulnerable. This documentary offers a glimpse into Ujuunnguaq’s incredible life and the bigger issues that the Inuit face today - from an inside perspective.

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