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The Book of the Sea.jpg

The Book of the Sea

Dir. Aleksei Vakhrushev

85' • Russian Federation • 2018

In the frigid waters off of Russia’s Bering Strait, Inuit and Chukchi hunters today still seek out the giant sea mammals that have provided their people with food since time immemorial. It is known, that the whale hunting today is controversial and subject to international criticism and regulations. But the Inuit and Chukchi hunt is permitted by international law because of the whaling is the foundation of their culture and their life. In THE BOOK OF THE SEA real life meets myth as a new generation of hunters sets out to sea to hunt the whales, walruses, and seals that have tied them to these remote shores since the beginning of time. Τhe contemporary story of elders Alexander and Alexei blends seamlessly with that of “the woman who gave birth to a whale” and other ancient myths, told here in vivid animation, in this ongoing struggle for survival and preservation of a traditional lifestyle in one of the most remote places on earth. A spectacular and visually impressive cinematic story about the vitality of the ancient Arctic culture.

La Flor Settlers.jpg

La Flor Settlers
(Colonos de la Flor)

Dir. Florencia Bohtlingk

60' • Argentina • 2017

Portrait of a small farming and herding village in Misiones jungle, Argentina. Testimonies of the arrival to the place with little or almost nothing, are mixed with affective histories and the daily tasks of food provision. "La Flor Settlers” is a pictorial and human documentary about the feeling of belonging and the struggle for the land.

KIRUNA - A Brand New World.jpg

KIRUNA - A Brand New World (KIRUNA - překrásný nový svět)

Dir. Greta Stocklassa

86' • Czech Republic • 2019

Located more than 200 km above the polar circle, the Swedish mining town Kiruna is built on the world’s largest and most modern iron ore mining tunnel, which created a significant income for the Swedish government. However, due to the mining the city has started to collapse and in order to save the industry, the city council together with the mining company LKAB have decided to move the town and its citizens 3 kilometres to the east. In doing so, the town has turned a  potential disaster into a  great opportunity. The new Kiruna will be an even more progressive, even better society for the future. But is it even possible to plan an ideal world? On the backdrop of a  moving city, the citizens of the New Kiruna are fighting their own battles. We follow the teacher Timo, a  local activist against the moving, the teenage Sami girl Maja who is discovering her family roots and cultural heritage as well as Abdalrahman, a teenage boy from Yemen, who came to the town as a refugee and slowly realizes that it takes more than just a paper to become a Swede. The seemingly very different characters are facing the same questions as the city is looking for its place. They are starting their personal search for identity, values and a greater future. KIRUNA - A BRAND NEW WORLD is a  portrait of a  utopian and dystopian town as well as a  hard-hitting reflection of today’s society.

Yoghurt Utopia.jpg

Yoghurt Utopia

Dir. Anna Thomson & David Baksh

71' • United Kingdom • 2019

Whilst society shut down the asylums, it never truly found a place for the mentally ill. But when a young psychologist at a failing institution in Spain took a handful of patients and started a business, it grew into a multi-million dollar yoghurt brand that now employs hundreds of people with mental health problems. But after 35 years its founder, Cristobal Colon, needs to find a replacement to ensure the business has a future without him. Yoghurt Utopia follows a tumultuous year in the life of the La Fageda Cooperative and its workers, both inside and outside the factory.

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