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Nominated for Best Animation


Year: 2019

Country: France

Duration: 13'

Language: English, French

Directors: Loris Lamunière, Charles Mercier

Production : Loris Lamunière, Charles Mercier

Dar(k)win Project.jpg

In this musical journey, a brave group of astronauts and a determined little girl try valiantly to bring a spark of life back to our dying planet.

Loris Lamunière, Charles Mercier.jpg

Loris Lamunière began studying photography and cinema in England and graduated from the Cambridge Art & Science and the Metropolitan Film School. In 2008, he created his film production company and quickly specialized in musical films. At the same time, he continues his cinematographic and photographic work by multiplying art projects, related to environmental causes, nature and its complex compositions.

Charles Mercier obtained his General Literary Baccalaureate Cinema-audiovisual option in 2002. He began studying photography and received a diploma from Icart Photo high school in 2006. After spending a year as employee at Studio Des Plantes in Paris, he be- gan his career as a Freelance photographer in 2007. In 2011 he created the audiovisual production company «Midnight Records», specializing in music and musical films. He con- tinues his photographic work oriented towards Architecture, design and nature. 

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