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Nominated for Best Animation


Year: 2020

Country: United States

Duration: 4'

Language: English

Director: Patrick Tiberius Gehlen

Producers: Jared Kotler, Natalie Rounick

Writer: Jared Kotler (music/lyrics by)

Cast: George Vitray

Astronaut Spaceman.jpg

In this musical journey, a brave group of astronauts and a determined little girl try valiantly to bring a spark of life back to our dying planet.

Patrick Tiberius Gehlen.jpg

Patrick T, Gehlen is an animator and artist living in Los Angeles, with his lovely wife, Kimberly and their fabulous, furry kids. While Requiem for a Crab is his directorial debut, he has worked on such shows as Dr. Strange, The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones. In 2019 he won an Emmy for his role as Previs Lead for Game of Thrones.

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