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On  Off.jpg

On / Off

Dir. Nicolas P. Villarreal

7' • Argentina • 2021

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Scream For Ice.jpg

Scream For Ice

Dir. Emir Aytemür

4' • Turkey • 2021

The Sun shines, ice melts. A polar bear on its own. A child cries out ah! The haiku poem you read above is the core of the "Scream For Ice". And the narrative form of "Scream For Ice" is based on the traditional Japanese art of poetry, Haiku.

Tales of the Outback.jpg

Tales of the Outback

Dir. Lauri Ketonen & Konsta Verta

13' • Finland • 2021

Three mystical characters gather in misty mountain cabin, where they start to tell stories to each other. Folktales takes viewers to Finnish landscapes where mysterious and strange incidents have occurred over time. After three stories the mist has passed and three characters leave the cabin.

The Wings.jpg

The Wings

Dir. Riho Unt

12' • Estonia • 2020

An eccentric inventor Jaan is about to fulfil his dreams of flying high in the sky when the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance luminary, joins him in his aspirations.However, towards the horizon where dreams and reality meet is heading Jaan's wife Liisa as an elegant winged creature, who has been neglected by Jaan's madness and ingenuity. 

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