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STOKE (Dedicated to Henry Schreiber).jpg

STOKE (Dedicated to Henry Schreiber)

Dir. Timm Schröder

25' • Germany • 2020

STOKE is a movie about three Freeriders: Timm a 22 year old snowboarder and filmmaker who lost his best friend in a motorcycle accident, Manu: a Freeride professional who injured herself before the competition season on the Freeride World Tour and Alex, a dutch skier: who had to stop his life as a ski-bum living in a yellow caravan in the alps when covid-19 started. We are shown deep insights about each characters way of dealing with their recent losses, fears and risks, as they emerge into crazy group-powder-descents witnessing what they would later call the "time of their lifes".

Tic Toc.jpg

Tic Toc

Dir. Nils Bailey & Bianca Fidani

20' • Argentina • 2019

A group of explorers try to get to -after a failed attempt- the Trébol Lake, crossing through the Valdivian rainforest in the Aysen region, in Chile. This way, delving deeper in the world of exploration, the depth of nature and friendship.

Maybe Tomorrow.jpg

Maybe Tomorrow

Dir. Guillaume Bertocchi

40' • Belgium • 2020

In North-Western Greenland, because of climate change, good sea ice has been vanishing for a few years. The Upernavik Archipelago is located on this exact border between water and ice. What’s this border like? What’s it like to live there? Guilhem and Guillaume, two adventurers, wanted to meet the different communities in the Archipelago by ski-crossing from island to island in this world of bad ice. What will they learn from the locals, who are masters in coping with this ever-changing reality?



Dir. Michael Dillon

106' • Australia • 2019

Soon after the tragic death of his wife and youngest daughter, Sir Edmund Hillary embarks on his greatest adventure- a journey by jet boat and foot along the entire length of India's sacred river Ganges. It will either cost him his life or bring him back to life.

Following Lines.jpg

Following Lines
(Un Chemin à Tracer)

Dir. Francois Leger-Savard

60' • Canada • 2020

Seeking a deeper encounter with the territory of the Inuit, six paddlers plan to make the first recorded descent of a little-known river in northern Quebec. This mapping expedition, beset by adverse weather conditions and other unforeseeable situations, is also, for the filmmaker, a reminder of his ancestry. What we have come to think of as an “adventure” was here, for thousands of years, simply a way of life. While much has been forgotten, a tradition survives in the life and language of the Inuit; their knowledge of the physical world and of the seasons guides the team in its journey. Set against an imposing background of snow, tundra and white-water rapids, the documentary is a call to go beyond: out onto the land, and also inward into ourselves.

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