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Clash Of Climates

Dir. Johannes Müller & Philipp Becker

14' • Germany • 2019

When you think of the ocean in first case most of the people think of beaches, ice cream and sun screen. We go on holiday to warm destinations. It doesn ́t matter if only for surfing, sunbathing, partying or even all of it. Now image we take a local from the warm and send him on holiday to our home. To the cold. Let him experience a new world. Snow. Ice. Moutains. Zero degrees. This is the story of Balinese pro surfer Marlon Gerber visiting Swedish cold water surfer Tim Latte in the beautiful but uncomfortable Lofoten (Norway). This is Clash Of Climates.

Comfort Zones.jpg

Comfort Zones

Dir. Stefan Morrocco

12' • United Kingdom • 2018

As skiers we all have to develop our own comfort zones. They will vary from person to person, depend on different factors — such as techniques, strength, risk attitudes — and cover different types of skiing, e.g. on-piste, off-piste, or ski-mountaineering. Comfort Zones explores what motivates some people to expand their comfort zones and move from piste skiing to explorative steep gully skiing in Scotland.

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